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Frequently Asked Questions


Ambulatory Care Centres are modern health care facilities focused on providing same day surgical care through minimally invasive procedures and the application of advanced technologies. These facilities give their customers the convenience of arriving to a quick and easy admission process, undergoing their procedure with a surgeon of their choosing or preference, recovering in a comfortable setting with all the amenities of their home or office, and being discharged safely all within the space of a day.

  • Shorter wait times – Turn over time between surgeries is as much as three times faster than at traditional hospitals, which means the patients wait less.
  • Dependable – Scheduled surgery times are not likely to be delayed or bumped by non-related emergencies as they would be in a hospital.
  • Availability of same day surgeries –Through the use of advanced technologies some procedures can be performed laparoscopically, resulting in shorter recovery times, less pain, and external scarring for the patient. In many cases, patients may even be discharged the same day and recuperate at home.
  • Lower overall costs – Less time spent in a hospital bed due to shorter recovery time leads to lower overall costs for the patient.
  • Comfort – Patients and their loved ones can relax in a comfortable setting and enjoy amenities such as cable television, wireless internet, and customized meal plans.
  • Private and personal – Our friendly and highly trained staff offers immediate, personal service and highly professional care.
  • Advanced –Premiere Surgical Centre boasts the most state of the art facility in Barbados. Patients can be comfortable with the knowledge have access to all of the tools and resources necessary to successfully carry out their procedure.

Any patient receiving anaesthesia should not drive until the next day. A patient receiving sedation for a procedure needs a ride home. The few patients who have procedures performed under local anaesthesia alone could possibly drive home. We would strongly recommend that all patients have a ride home and be received by a responsible adult when they arrive home. Patients will not be allowed to drive, walk or take public transportation home after sedation or anaesthesia. Please make the appropriate arrangements.

You refrain from eating and/or drinking prior to surgery in order to prevent the risks of aspirating gastric contents during your surgery. This complication is very serious and you need to strictly abide by our recommendations. This has nothing to do with nausea and vomiting after your surgery as some think.


We have very clear policies as to specific times before surgery when you must refrain from eating and/or drinking. These are all based on safety standards. Please note that the standards have been revised recently. We believe that the fasting time should be as short as possible before your surgery. You will not improve your safety by not eating or drinking longer than necessary; in fact, at times you may complicate things a bit.


Children have different fasting schedules than adults.

If you are not feeling well, please contact your surgeon immediately. During normal business hours, you can call the Center for advice. There are some surgeries which are safer if delayed when you are sick. We need to know specific details to make the decision. Please do not delay in contacting your surgeon or the Centre.

This will not affect most surgical procedures. There are a few specific gynecological procedures which may be impacted by menstruation.

It is very important for us to be aware of this possibility. Only essential surgery is done on pregnant patients. If there is any doubt please contact us immediately.

Please notify the surgeon and the Ambulatory Care Centre Manager as early as possible if you cannot make your scheduled appointment. Early notification can help us better accommodate you and other patients.

After surgery, some patients will go to a recovery room or directly back to their rooms. We plan to unite you with your family almost immediately after the surgery, if you so choose. Some patients prefer to be alone for a while and that will be honored. Special arrangements are made for children having surgery. Please do not bring siblings to the Surgery Center, if possible.

There is no prescribed time to stay with us after surgery. You will be permitted to go home as soon as we feel it is safe to discharge you. (This may be as short as 10 minutes.) Feel reassured that you will be permitted to stay as long as necessary.

If there is a medical reason to keep you overnight as stated by the surgeon or attending physician you will be allowed to remain in your room.