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Patients should receive a referral from a surgeon who has been registered and received permission to practice at Premiere Surgical Centre. Patients can register with Premiere Surgical Centre by coming to the centre in 3rd Avenue, Belleville, St. Michael and submitting a registration form, which gives the necessary details relevant to the patient’s specific case.


Click here to download the registration form.

Premiere Surgical Centre has Two (2) Operating Rooms. Cases can be scheduled beginning at 8 am to 4pm Monday through Friday. Patients needing additional recovery time are admitted to an observation room. There are two private rooms and one semi-private room for patients who need to stay the night after their procedure.

It is the policy of Premiere Surgical Centre that all persons within its facilities be treated with courtesy, respect and dignity. All medical staff members shall conduct themselves in a professional and cooperative manner.

Scheduling cases into open time will be on a First Come, First Serve (FCFS) basis. FCFS is available to every surgeon. The FCFS block will be used for the requesting surgeon on a particular day. Scheduling cases will be managed through the Front Desk. Premiere Surgical Centre commits to providing the appropriate personnel and general resources to meet the needs of all scheduled procedures.

The fee schedule for Premiere Surgical Centre is based mainly on the use of operating theatre time usage. In addition to operating theatre time, fees will apply to: medical supplies, drugs, use of equipment, requests for auxiliary tests (e.g. ECG) or histology on a specimen, and/or the use of patient rooms.

Initial fees are quoted on the basis of estimates by the attending surgeon and standard practices for a specific procedure. If resources are incurred in excess of the initial fees, they will be itemized and presented to the patient who is responsible for the additional charges. There is no way to accurately determine upfront the time or resources that will apply to a specific case. All additional charges will be itemized according to the current billing standards and submitted to the patient.

Cancellations should be done 72 hours if possible prior to the scheduled operation to avoid a cancellation fee. There is no charge regardless of when the cancellation occurs if proof of a medical reason or unavoidable circumstance can be provided by the surgeon or the patient.

Patients may opt to pay for their surgery in full and seek reimbursement from their insurance company or request a pro-forma invoice for approval by their insurance company. For patients that choose the latter option must submit all insurance information and grant Premiere Surgical Centre permission to contact their insurance company and send them the relevant information. Premiere Surgical Centre will then inform the patient of the amounts that their insurance company is willing to pay. It is the responsibility of the patient to make all necessary payments or ensure that the confirmation by the insurance company and all necessary payments are made at least one week prior to the date of surgery.

From time to time charges in excess of the original quotation can be incurred as a result of additional time or resources that are dedicated to an individual patient. If these charges are incurred an invoice will be sent to the patient for prompt payment. All charges are the responsibility of the patient, who may then seek reimbursement from their insurance company.