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Premiere Surgical Centre offers practicing surgeons and their patients well equipped facilities and qualified staff that prioritize patient safety and comfort, in addition to a number of medical specialties.

Patients have the choice of either a private or semi-private rooms. Semi-private rooms house two patients separated by a room divider. Each division is equipped with individual televisions with headsets for privacy and guest seating.


All rooms are equipped with: cable television, telephones, wireless internet, bathroom facilities, and guest seating.


Premiere Surgical Centre is equipped to undertake multi-night accommodations. Patients staying overnight enjoy the benefits of: on site security, an attending nurse, on call doctors and/or anaesthesiologists, and meals.


Premiere provides a comfortable waiting area to accommodate both patients and their loved ones.

Premiere Surgical Centre is Barbados’ first Ambulatory Care Centre and features a leading edge facilities, including:

  • Two modern operating theatres built to international standards and adequately equipped to handle both major and minor surgeries;
  • Minimally invasive laparoscopic, endoscopic, and surgical technologies to meet the needs of ambulatory specialties;
  • A computerized clinical environment with the convenience of electronic medical records, automated patient scheduling, and computerized patient ledgers.
  • Advanced technology in our pre-operatives and post-procedure recovery rooms, with the comfort and amenities to meet the needs of all patients;
  • A well-equipped break room for the use of our staff and partners.
  • A contingent of experienced and professional staff dedicated to efficiency, customer service, and patient care

Services provided by Premiere Surgical Centre include (but are not limited to):

General Surgery

  • hernia repairs
  • breast surgeries
  • cholecystectomy
  • appendectomy
  • vasectomy
  • circumcision
  • removal of cysts
  • biopsy

Vascular procedures

  • venous ligation
  • vein stripping
  • insertion of chemo ports
  • artery venous fistulas (AV fistulas)


  • hysterectomy
  • myomectomy
  • tubular ligation
  • ovarian
  • cystectomy


  • prostate surgery
  • bladder tumours
  • kidney stones
  • hydroceles
  • cystoscopy
  • laser procedures


  • knee and hip replacement
  • fractures
  • tendon repairs